The Company

This competitive company is for the dancer who aspires to achieve the highest level of dance performance and who may be interested in pursuing the college or professional dance worlds.


Our company program is designed to offer an age appropriate commitment level that builds upon itself with each continuing year. The commitment grows both with hours of technical instruction and rehearsal expectations and also with the amount of convention and competitions that each level is required to attend.

The company is for the serious dancer who is willing to make dance at Miami Dance Project their top extra-curricular priority. Our approach to competition is a positive one. We motivate, encourage and educate dancers in a positive environment. We believe that performance plays a developmental role in a dance education. It provides students opportunities to showcase their achievements and motivates them to reach their full potential. Being on a competitive dance team requires commitment and sportsmanship, but is extremely rewarding!

Since its inception, Miami Dance Project has emerged as a leader in technical excellence and artistic athleticism. Whether on the competition circuit, the concert stage or recital venue, our company dancers have wowed audiences all across the United States Miami Dance Project company members participate in competitive, charitable and concert dance events all across Florida.