Emerging out of the 1800’s, modern dance came from a socioeconomic change in both the United States and Europe.

Modern Dance

Emerging out of the 1800’s, modern dance came from a socioeconomic change in both the United States and Europe. Through dance, artists were ready to break out of the structural dances of ballet and express themselves in a more nontraditional way. They were tired of all limited set of ballet movements, the corsets, and pointed shoes.
Also at that time, people became more involved in health and physical fitness. Dancers then became more involved in other forms of athletics like gymnastics and other aesthetic dances to broaden their styles and strengths. And so a new dance emerged from those interested in breaking out of the norm of ballet dance and into something that was entirely new, and entirely their own.
Out of this, Modern dance became more a free dance with women throwing out their ballet slippers and untying their hair to fall down as they moved. Many attributes of athleticism were also added like leaping, skipping, running, jumping, and abrupt movements. Modern dance may even appear to be out of order as it supports unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction, and also heavily relies on techniques such as floor work and improvisation.
At the Miami Dance Project, we proud ourselves in being the best modern dance studio because we incorporate the liberation of modern dance into our everyday attitude here at the studio. We encourage our students to “let down their hair” and try something new. We want them to be unique, think out of the box, and challenge themselves if they feel stagnant or uninterested.
The free movement of modern dance also allows our students the chance to grow their individual style and technique. Engaging the students to really feel the movements, and put their whole selves into each action creates different, exciting dancers that bloom into professional artists with a specific point of view. That is why this style of dance is loved by so many; It really connects each dancer with their art and their true beings as not many danceshave the capabilities of expressing such freedom.

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