It’s not easy keeping kids busy and active after school, especially when they’re yearning for something more than just hitting the books. That’s why Miami Dance Project is so fantastic. We offer an exciting after-school dance program in Miami that helps students unleash their creativity and express themselves through expressive dance forms! With our vast range of classes that challenge students’ coordination, strength, agility, and technique, these after-school programs will provide a blissful break from academics and an excellent learning opportunity.  

Our Programs

At Miami Dance Project, we offer various kids’ dance classes in Miami to meet the needs of our students. We have something for every skill level and interest, from recreational courses to advanced technique-focused coaching. Our after-school programs in Miami feature jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and more classes! They are all designed to be interactive and stimulating, so our students can maximize their time with us. Here’s why you should pick us for your kid’s after-school dance classes:  

Professional Instructors 

Our instructors come from various backgrounds with diverse training and experience in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. They are all certified professionals passionate about teaching in a safe environment that promotes self-expression through movement. Each instructor for our boys and girls dance classes in Miami is committed to helping each student reach their full potential while having fun!  

Dance and Movement Classes

Our dance classes incorporate various styles, such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and lyrical. We also offer modern dance classes for children who want to explore the world of contemporary movement. Instructors emphasize proper technique and form while providing fun-filled classes that engage students. The courses are designed to help young dancers learn the techniques of each style in a safe and creative environment.  

Choreography Development

Our kid’s dance teachers in Miami have extensive experience creating original choreography for all performances. We work with each student to create unique pieces highlighting their strengths, helping them become more confident performers. Our goal is for each child to gain valuable experience in expressiveness, creativity, and self-expression through our choreography development program.  

Performance Opportunities 

Throughout the year, we offer performance opportunities on and off campus, including showcases, competitions, exhibitions, music videos, and more! Our instructors actively work with their students to prepare them for these performances by helping them build confidence in their abilities as performers while pushing them to reach higher levels of success through hard work and dedication.  

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At Miami Dance Project, we understand that not every child learns at the same pace or has the same goals when learning dance. For this reason, we have customized our after-school dance classes in Miami to offer specialized programs tailored toward specific student needs. These include adaptive dance classes for children with disabilities or special needs lessons for those seeking a more individualized learning approach. Our school offers the following ongoing classes: Please register with us today, and be ready for your next dance with the experts.