4 Tips to Help You Pick Up Dance Choreography Faster

The ability to learn new dance routines quickly is a skill that can be honed with practice. Therefore, don’t give up hope if you’re falling behind in the class and finding it difficult to catch up.

If you apply these strategies every time you learn a new piece, you’ll find that you can pick up choreography quickly and with less effort.

It is very irritating when learning new dance steps to want to get into memory right from the first minute. The thing is that you need to get into you head before your head get into your body directly.

Below are some tips given by Miami Dance Studio in Florida.


4 Tips for Picking Up Choreography Quickly

Only a few people have the ability to learn dance steps at the first moment because it comes naturally. On the other hand, we all have to struggle. But it does not mean that you cannot pick up the choreography quickly.

Without wasting further time, let’s dive into the details:

  • Do not Watch the Choreographer

Do you always watch the teacher or choreographer closely, trying to imitate each move?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel disoriented entirely the first time you try to dance without them.The fastest way to learn choreography is to train your body to move in a specific way.

Use your eyes to learn, but your body to do the work.This involves learning from the choreographer’s example in terms of movement, technique, and timeframe, but not blindly recreating their work.

You should reduce the number of times you visualize the performer before attempting to replicate their steps without observing them. Taking the brakes off early (not observing the choreographer) will help you pick up choreography quickly.

  • Don’t worry if You are Confuse Just Move On

It can be difficult to keep up when the dancer is in charge and the class is moving at a fast clip.It could be that you’re having trouble with a particular move or combo.

This leads you to review it over and over, missing the next step, and then start moving after that. We tend to be overly concerned with getting every step just right, but sometimes “close enough” is all that can be asked of us before we have to move on.

You can always go back and tweak it no matter how it turns out. Make the best of your moment by reviewing what you need to know in the pauses in your lessons. Don’t let that prevent you from moving forward with the remainder of the work.

Something about this seems counterintuitive. You Won’t Dance? Where? In a dance studio. Do you have Acro skills for dance? On the other hand, there may be subtleties in the dance that your eyes will pick up on even if the choreographer doesn’t.

It would take several days of class time if they spent each minute breaking down the specific steps you’re supposed to follow.

Therefore, take a deep breath and focus on the choreographer’s movements. You’ll be able to pick up dance moves quickly, but more importantly, you’ll be able to fully internalize the tone, tempo, and personality of the piece, all of which are far more crucial than the precise placement of your body.

To learn choreography quickly, your brain needs to be trained. The physical and mental toll of juggling multiple classes is precisely what helps students learn choreography quickly.



Inquisitive minds in the dance world are always welcome! Any inquiry that some other pupil has already asked will be ignored. Equally inappropriate would be inquiring as to the instructor’s morning meal. So inquire, and take in as many questions as you can!

We recognize that you’ve heard this before, but let us repeat it. There’s someone else here wondering the same thing. You’d be doing yourself and the other person a solid by asking that question. As you have got the tips for picking up choreography faster, Now it’s time to start practice.

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