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4 Tips to Help You Pick Up Dance Choreography Faster

The ability to learn new dance routines quickly is a skill that can be honed with practice. Therefore, don’t give up hope if you’re falling behind in the class and finding it difficult to catch up. If you apply these strategies every time you learn a new piece, you’ll find that you can pick up […]

Best Healthy Holiday Nutrition for Dancers

Being a good dancer or having a competitive dance team takes dedication, work and effort, and the right kind of instruction and training. Getting enough rest and eating right are two often overlooked but crucial factors in performing at your best. Dancers put their bodies through a lot during classes, rehearsals, and other forms of […]

Best Dance/Movement Therapy for Autism

When it comes to helping children with autism, new studies show encouraging results for dance/movement therapy (DMT). For many years, autism was grossly misdiagnosed by medical practitioners. Treatments for autism were, therefore, the subject of relatively little study until quite recently. Finding effective therapies for autistic children, is an area where much research is still […]

Teaching Your Students to Dance with Props

Is your kid just starting out in the dance world at age 3? Are they already seasoned performers in high school? No need to worry because they can benefit from learning how to use props in their performances. Dancers may employ various props, including but not limited to hats, umbrellas, ribbons, seats, and other similar […]

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