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Acro Dance: Everything You Need to Know!

Dancing is as old as human civilization. It dates back thousands of years and has allowed people to express themselves through the movement of their bodies which is great for both exercise and happiness. At Miami Dance Project, we can answer the question, ‘what is acro dance,’ because we offer a wide variety of after-school […]

Exploring The Many Health Benefits Of Music

Music has been known to exert a powerful influence on human beings. It can boost memory, lighten one’s mood, build task endurance and reduce depression and anxiety. The health benefits of music are unbelievable, and activity increases when you have an emotional connection to the music you’re listening to. That’s how big of an impact […]

Can Dance Benefit Autistic Children?

Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD, is typically characterized by a neurodevelopmental disorder with repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. Dancing can significantly benefit children with autism as it elicits aesthesia that stimulates communication. This is done through a notion of the phenomenal body recognized through dance’s symbolic and expressive nature. At the Miami Dance Project, we have […]

What My Teacher Taught Me: Pilobolus’ Marlon Feliz on Barbara Delgado Acosta

I always say that I was introduced to dance through salsa, bachata and merengue in Miami. My early formal training came in the form of after-school programs and the magnet dance program at South Miami Middle School. It wasn’t until I was in eighth grade (four years after my first dance class) that I started […]

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